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Slideshow Remote®

The Most Advanced Presentation Remote Control and Viewer

Available on the iPhone App Store

Slideshow Remote™ combines two great tools in a single app: the most advanced remote control for Windows PowerPoint and a brand new Keynote and PowerPoint mobile viewer. You can control your PC, transfer files with iTunes (Mac and Windows), open presentations attached to emails, view your slides, display on HDTV and share via AirPlay. Slideshow Remote takes full advantage of the new iPad Retina display and has more features than any other products, including similar iPhone applications and traditional USB remotes.


"A very powerful app that puts your iPhone on top!"
Philip Garde

"This one really works!"

"Installed it and tested it without a problem. Simple interface and notes feature is awesome (making it a 5/5) in my books."


  • Designed for professional results.
  • Your perfect tool for meetings and presentations.
  • View and change slides from the palm of your hand.

Available on the iPhone App Store

Available on the iPhone App Store

Free Lite version
Pro version only $4.99
Category: Productivity
Updated: Jan 2, 2015
Version: 2.9.1
Size: 13.7 MB
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Seller: LogicInMind
Copyright 2009-2015

Available on the iPhone App Store

Unique Features

  • Wirelessly control PowerPoint via Wi-Fi
  • Open PowerPoint and Keynote attached to emails
  • View current and next slide
  • Jump to previous/next slide
  • Jump to first/last slide
  • Slider to reach any slide
  • Start/stop presentation
  • View and edit presenter's notes
  • Supports international characters
  • Blank screen (black/white)
  • Timer for elapsed time
  • Audio and vibration feedback
  • Disable device auto-lock
  • Supports Retina display
  • Zero configuration with Bonjour for Windows
  • Automatic and manual connection modes
  • Control any app with page up/page down keys

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AirPlay Sharing

  • Share slides via AirPlay
  • View on the new Apple TV

External Display

  • View on external monitor or projector
  • Select output resolution
  • Supports 1080p Full HD output

Advanced Notes

  • View and edit notes using font styles
  • Zoom notes for better viewing
  • Select and copy notes
  • Browse hyperlinks

Slides View

  • Browse slides in thumbnail view
  • Quick jump to any slide

PowerPoint Integration

  • Screen auto-refresh for animations
  • Draw/erase annotations on screen
  • Switch between active presentations
  • Open recent presentations

Offline Viewer

  • Download slides to mobile device
  • View slides without a PC

Mouse Control

  • Touchscreen
  • Trackpad
  • Scrollpad
  • Laser Beam

Mouse Cursors

  • Customize cursor size
  • Big Arrow
  • Hand Cursor
  • Red Laser Beam
  • Blue Fountain Pen


  • Print slides via AirPrint

Easy Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi local network and ad hoc

Free Companion Desktop Server

  • Needed to use Slideshow Remote
  • Automatic and manual connection
  • Multiple monitors support
  • Widescreen capture option

Supported Windows Apps

  • Windows PowerPoint 2003/2007/2010/2013
  • Adobe Acrobat, MS Word and Excel
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Open Office

148Apps Official Review

"Slideshow Remote from LogicInMind finally puts the controls in your hand, and allows you to focus on what a presentation should really be about: presenting rather than wrestling with technology"

"Controlling your PowerPoint presentations from the palm of your hand?
Yes, please! Slideshow Remote is an excellent, easy-to-use application
that should make presentations a bit less of a pain."

Bonnie Eisenman

Available on the iPhone App Store

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